Permanent presence in RC

We want to offer our services of independent evaluation and determination the quality of fruits and vegetables delivered to the distribution centers and vegetable base.

An independent evaluation of the quality allows the recipient to avoid conflicts with foreign and domestic suppliers. As well as reasonably and timely have the claims on quality of received goods, thus prevent financial losses. In addition, the systematic qualitative evaluation  disciplines suppliers.

The main advantages of professional expertise in comparison with the work of the service acceptance inspectors:

Expert even with a smaller sample size will notice the problems which inspector doesn’t pay attention. As well as the illiterate can scrolling the entire book and say about it less than a man who can read but reading only a review.

Inspector as opposed to the expert, can not evaluate а degree of physiological and microbiological defects, in some cases, underestimating the problem, in others cases, returning a quality product.

During the professional expertise the exact content of defective fractions and accessory item to the product category are determined and not just fitness or suitability of the lot to the sale, which allow not only reasonably decide to admit the lot or its return, and if necessary, take the party in excess of tolerance and setting a corresponding claim.

The main advantages of independent inspection in comparison with its own professional service quality:

The conflicts with suppliers are excluded for the following reasons:

1 Quality evaluation is performed by a third party, which has a trust.

2 The decision on acceptance or return of the goods (issue the complaint and its size) is taken on the basis of independent opinions and can not be appealed.

3 In that case, if the supplier still doesn’t agree with the conclusion, the independent inspection company will prove it and the questions concerning the quality of incoming goods are removed in any case.

Briefly about the company:

Our company has existed more than 16 years. Our staff has extensive experience in assessing the quality of fruits and vegetables. We are deservedly considered the best company providing such services. At the moment, we already have a positive experience on the independent evaluation of the quality of fruits and vegetables at distribution centers of the largest retail chains.

Economic efficiency:

During working in the distribution centers of the retail chains the following results are got:

Each invested ruble in an independent assessment of the quality in average saves 24.7 rubles with record of 3% barrier.

Details and options of possible cooperation:

According to the results of our work, we came to the following minimum time required for a visit during which it’s possible to evaluate objectively the quality:

Time to explore the mono position — 40-60 minutes for examination and 15-25 minutes for forming inspection report.

Time to explore the difficult mono position (grapes, cherries, etc.) or tetra-kvadro position — 60-90 minute for examination and 15-25 minutes for forming inspection report.

Time to explore the mix of positions (11-15) — 120 minutes for examination and 60-90 minutes for forming inspection report.

At the specified time-frame the quality of the whole lot can be evaluated and each pallet can be briefly examined. In case if inspection per pallet is necessary, time of inspection should be increased and / or the number of simultaneously working experts. Similarly, if you want to speed up the accepting of goods, then it is possible to make by increasing the number of people per shift, which in its turn will affect the cost of services.