Why you should choose us?

Why you should choose us?

Probably, you’ve already realized, that when serious supply of fresh fruits and vegetables has place, it’s impossible to avoid the professional estimate of quality.

If not, you read here. Now you can see why you should address to us.

We are the only major survey company in the Russian market, which EXCLUSIVELY is engaged in the quality estimate of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Our experts don’t know the types of pipes, metals, don’t weigh fertilizer and don’t count meat, they are not able to do a lot of things from what the experts of other survey companies can do. But our employees understand the quality of fruits and vegetables and do it better than anyone. Quality of fruits is our profession.

In fact, if you look at any other company providing similar services, you will see that the range of their activities is very wide, from shoes and cars to grain and alcohol. And often all this work is done by the same people.

We don’t just put together appropriate, good team, but we bring up and educate the experts. We educate experts, which are professionals in the field of quality fruits and vegetables.

The quality of fruits is our profession, but not just a way to make money, that’s why we take care of our customer’s cargo like for our own.

So if you don’t want to wonder why bananas, which come to you, are grey, tangerines are bitter and pears are soft — your choice is clear. Choose professionals.

Fruit business is dangerous without professionals

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