Fruit business is dangerous without professionals

If you lead a fruit business: deliver, transport or buy, it’s impossible to avoid the professional evaluate of quality. It is axiomatic to everyone who has been in this business at least a few years.

Fresh fruits and vegetables are practically the only group of products which not only can go wrong on the way from the supplier to the buyer. They will be sure to spoil!!! The only question is how much and how fast! And this fact is considered to be perfectly normal. Yes it’s true! Compliance with the recommended temperature and humidity, not violation of trademark neighborhood and etc. don’t stop the process of deterioration, but only can to slow it down.

In fact, fresh fruits and vegetables are living biological objects, in which all sorts of physiological processes take place. On the one hand the fruits nearly have immunity to protect them from harmful organisms, on the other hand, there are factors which weaken and undermine the stability of fruits and vegetables to protect themselves from diseases. During storage fruits and vegetables breathe just like we do. Exactly like we all do! Inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.

And there are some difficulties here. We can compare the complicacy of their transportation only with transport of livestock.

Fruit can catch a cold, poison, be infected by viruses, bacteria or fungi.

This occurrence can have place before shipment or during the transportation. It should be noted that there are many kinds of pathogens and they behave differently. Some of them infect fruits only in the field, while others may settle only in weak and old fruits, the third… Fruits may have hidden defects, including birth defects which aren’t visible during sending, but on arrival or

some time after arrival they can show themselves in all their glory. This is only a small part of troubles which could occur with fruits and vegetables, even with compliance of all the recommended conditions of transportation or storage.

But else the violations of the microclimate of transportation are possible! Moreover, they happen very often! And also flight delay! It can lead not only to the natural aging of fruits proportional delay. Some fruits (such as pineapples and pomegranates) are well kept under certain temperatures, but if the delay is whole week they will be spoiled and it is much stronger, than if the temperature was higher. And such pitfalls in fruit business are very many!

How much time you will need to learn all these details? Now you may understand how difficult to prepare a real specialist in this field? Did you know that the experts on this subject, universities don’t produce? There are related fields, but real training is only possible in practice. It’s necessary to spend at least three years for making from graduates really good specialists

Poorly trained commodity expert can’t frequently even properly evaluate quality. And even more he can’t discover the causes of losses, anticipate their appearance and take measures to prevent it. A loss can be catastrophic. Outwardly normal product may lose its commercial presentation in twenty-four hours and become a 100% waste in 3 days.

Without professionals it is dangerous to conduct fruit business for your well-being.